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Birthdate:Aug 25
This thing is...
- still under construction;
- a fannish and/or fic-journal;
- unbeta-ed;
- written by someone whose first language is definitely not English;
- open to constructive criticism, or really: any type of comment;
- filled with others' intellectual property, that "zserb" has nothing to to with;
- made/written/continued for fun and not profit;
- etc.

I am...
- 29;
- female;
- Hungarian;
- a shipper;
- a slasher with a godawful amount of het ships;
- a crossover-enthusiastic;
- a fandom-loner;
- a lover of small spec-fi shows from the first decade of the new century;
- writing fanfic, one little piece at a time.

I can't...
- speak Internet;
- participate *much* in fandom;
- make friends (fandom or IRL) easily;
- leave my OTPs or old fandoms really alone.

And this is how I write:

Journal's title's stolen from here: (The last Harry Potter-movie's literal trailer. Credit goes to someone called "Tobuscus")
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