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So... First live show last Saturday? Me, not really caring about it at all? OK... me, trying not to care about that one band I actually care about a tad too much? Sitting on my hand to prevent myself from voting? Yep. That pretty much sums up the whole evening. I mean there were awesome performances, and there were terrible performances, and there was Spirit. By whom I simply do not care. Except that apparently I do. Care, I mean. Ooops.


Spirit (unfortunately not Tablecloth Trio anymore), the band assembled randomly in Bootcamp singing We Are Young by Fun (one of my current shipping themes, just for the hell of it), at the first live show of the Hungarian X-factor.

I want to see an EPIC friendship. Here. I've said it. (And I'm not talking about how I almost always end up shipping friends.)
So... my mistake here. I actually see that EPIC friendship regardless of its being there or not.
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