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Monstaz: Give It Away

This thing is so far away from my usual taste/style, it's not even funny.
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Indigó utca + Fluor: Pont pont pont
MR2 Akusztik

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First of all: Yay! It's been continued!
Second of all: I have to investigate.
Third of all: OK... I'm ridiculously old, and proud of it!

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So... First live show last Saturday? Me, not really caring about it at all? OK... me, trying not to care about that one band I actually care about a tad too much? Sitting on my hand to prevent myself from voting? Yep. That pretty much sums up the whole evening. I mean there were awesome performances, and there were terrible performances, and there was Spirit. By whom I simply do not care. Except that apparently I do. Care, I mean. Ooops.


Spirit (unfortunately not Tablecloth Trio anymore), the band assembled randomly in Bootcamp singing We Are Young by Fun (one of my current shipping themes, just for the hell of it), at the first live show of the Hungarian X-factor.

I want to see an EPIC friendship. Here. I've said it. (And I'm not talking about how I almost always end up shipping friends.)
So... my mistake here. I actually see that EPIC friendship regardless of its being there or not.
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Music video from 1998. I can't decide whether it's the earlier version of the Avengers or The Expendables.

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Huh! Not what I expected when I started to type this post.

Music from Hungary

Harmonia Garden: Sunny (Bony M (?) cover, the original was written by Bobby Hebb in 1963)
Harmonia Garden feat. Szirtes Edina-Mókus, Hutch & The Four Bones Quartet: Pump Up the Jam (covering The Lost Fingers covering Technotronic?)
Juli Fabian & Zoohacker: Girly
Juli Fabian & Zoohacker: Sizzlin’
Juli Fabian & Zoohacker: Like a Child (one of our almost-Eurovison songs from this year)
Kesh: Mizu (Fluor cover) (MR2 Akusztik)

Music from abroad:

The Lost Fingers: Pump Up the Jam (Technotronic cover)
The Lost Fingers: Careless Whisper (George Michael cover)
The Real Tuesday Weld: Poker Face (Polka Phase) (Lady Gaga cover)
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