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Constants and Variables (PG-13 because of some swearing; Drabble-Sequence, Gen, Humor; 5x100 words without the title (but including the titles); Team!Fic, Action/Adventure; "People often think that repeated events, circumstances and routine give comfort and security. They’re wrong." Team!Fic, Drabble-sequence, Cliché-Fest, John & Rodney Friendship, SG-1 reference.)

constants & variables )
zserb: KT Tunstall in gray (Stargate chevron)

SG-A (PG-13; Gen, Action/Adventure; 200 words including the title; Team!Fic; A-Team references; "They are a very-very-very "Alpha" team." I don't own Stargate: Atlantis, nor A-team.)

SG-A )


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