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Fandom: Pushing Daisies XO Stargate: Atlantis
Categories: Gen, Crossover
Ratings/Warnings: PG, None
Spoilers: Apparently none.
Word Count: 400 words including the title

1) Reposted from FFNet: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6915926/1/Pie-is-Home
2) The recipes has been checked with the little recipe book I've got with my Pushing Daisies first season DVD-s.

Summary: Olive doesn't actually pay attention to *everybody* in the Pie Hole, but sometimes they get the strangest kind of "regulars", who can't appear unnoticeable. SGA - Pushing Dasies Crossover Flashfic

Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine and I don't own either of the shows.

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Fandom: Sherlock (BBC) XO Grimm
Verse/Project: Part of my “Grimm!Watson” Universe, and “Supporting Characters’ Appreciation” Project.
Categories: Gen/UST, Drabble, Crossover/Fusion,
Ratings/Warnings: PG, None
Spoilers: Apparently none. Except that it maybe makes a little more sense *after* watching Sherlock S2E3 “The Reichenbach Fall”, and contains references on Grimm S1E9 "Of Mouse and Man".
Word Count: 100 words including the title

1) Hi Bandwagon, this is me! And that over there is me too, refusing to call this “GrimmLock”.
2) Contains reference on BBC's Sherlock's tie-in blog for Molly Hooper. http://www.mollyhooper.co.uk/
3) Contains non-specific UST flying in more than one directions.

John is a Grimm, but Molly isn’t a Mauzhertz no matter how looks deceive.

Disclaimer1: These characters aren't mine and I don't own either of the shows.
Disclaimer2: The author's worldview can (strongly) differ from the charaters'.

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Another repost from FF.Net. This is a little thing I actually *like* very much. I'm not saying I see it, or it's part of my headcanon, but I do think it's a nice coincidence and should be explored more thoroughly. And, of course, it fits right there with my almost-ongoing project "Supporting Characters Appreciation", which was born from my frustration of not finding enough crossovers with minor characters.

Fandom: Gone In Sixty Seconds ; Ocean's 11 (12 – 13)
Categories: Gen, Drabble-sequence, Crossover, Family
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13 due some cursing littered here and there
Spoilers: Spoilers for "Gone in 60 Seconds", not real spoilers for any of the Ocean-movies.
Word Count: 3x100 words including the titles, but not including the Title

Summary: Three connected drabbles about a year from Turk Malloy's past, when he had been called Tumbler and grew up a little bit. A "Gone in 60 Seconds" – "Ocean's 11" crossover.

- Somebody had to write it. And it's not even an excuse.
- I blame Hawaii 5-0, a great new obsession of mine that made me hyper-aware of Scott Caan. When Ocean's 11 were on a re-run, I watched it for the whateverth time, but from a different point-of-view. And a week later, when Gone in 60 Seconds were repeated, and I saw him… there weren't any turning back from there.

Disclaimer: I do not own „Gone in 60 Seconds", and none of the „Ocean's 11-12-13" movies, I just "borrowed" a few characters and situations.

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When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Twentysomething (34?! seriously?! oh, crap!) excerpts in alphabetical order, some of them taken from a longer work, some of them only one sentence long, various fandoms, genres, characters, mostly in English, but there's a few Hungarian too, some of them old, some of them new... some of them even I don't remember.

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Pre-header whatever: First "real" post. OK... first "almost-real" post, a repost from FF.Net, as I'm trying to re-figure out how to use this... LJ was a long while ago.

Go ahead...

Fandom: Stargate/Stargate: Atlantis; Friends
Category: Gen, Crossover, Humor, borderline-Crack, AU, Flashfic
Summary: After months, Siberia can still suck on brand new levels, and now that "new level" is Dave from New York. A Stargate/Friends crossover, in which Rodney McKay meets and hates Phoebe's ex, Dave; a goat is mentioned and insults fly in every direction.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, because of a few cussings littered here and there
Characters: Rodney McKay & Dave "Last-Name-Hasn't-Been-Given", and the strong spiritual presence of one Phoebe Buffay
Word Count: 800 including the title

Author's Notes:
* Yep, that's the title.
* Technically, timeframe-wise, it's a Stargate: SG-1 fic, but... since the part I wrote about *wasn't* in Stargate, and Rodney McKay *is* an SGA-character, and this counts as his backstory, I think it works as a Stargate: Atlantis fic too.
* About Dave: I couldn't find his, or his friend's full name, so I improvised; it will be replaced if I find the correct names.
* So: Max told Phoebe that they went to Minsk, Russia. Minsk isn't in Russia, but Belorussia, and I'd rather take this slip as a proof of a lie, than the proof of the writers' incompetence. And: If they worked on the Russian Stargate, that could be a reason for lying.
*Written in 2011.

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