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Sherlock S02E03 (2012) “The Reichenbach Fall”
Grimm S01E10 (2012) “Organ Grinder”
Once Upon a Time S01E09 (2012) “True North”

Seriously, give them a rest.
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Fandom: Sherlock (BBC) XO Grimm
Verse/Project: Part of my “Grimm!Watson” Universe, and “Supporting Characters’ Appreciation” Project.
Categories: Gen/UST, Drabble, Crossover/Fusion,
Ratings/Warnings: PG, None
Spoilers: Apparently none. Except that it maybe makes a little more sense *after* watching Sherlock S2E3 “The Reichenbach Fall”, and contains references on Grimm S1E9 "Of Mouse and Man".
Word Count: 100 words including the title

1) Hi Bandwagon, this is me! And that over there is me too, refusing to call this “GrimmLock”.
2) Contains reference on BBC's Sherlock's tie-in blog for Molly Hooper. http://www.mollyhooper.co.uk/
3) Contains non-specific UST flying in more than one directions.

John is a Grimm, but Molly isn’t a Mauzhertz no matter how looks deceive.

Disclaimer1: These characters aren't mine and I don't own either of the shows.
Disclaimer2: The author's worldview can (strongly) differ from the charaters'.

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Title: In search of a word
Fandom/Characters: Grimm; Monroe/Nick
Rating: PG-13 for occasional language and body fluids
Summary: Monroe tries to define Nick.
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: I don't own the show Grimm, or its characters.
Notes: With this show in my head, I couldn't ignore this prompt; Written for [community profile] slashthedrabble  #330 'pack'.
Also posted at: http://slashthedrabble.dreamwidth.org/60731.html#cutid1

In Search of a Word )
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#330; Pack

Title: Looking for the word
Fandom/Characters: Grimm; Monroe/Nick
Rating: for occasional language and body fluids
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: ; written for slashthedrabble #330 'pack'.


   grimm: monroe/nick

Looking for the word

Not drinking-buddy, although it started and continued on with beers.
Not friend, it’s a category they’ve left behind long ago.
Not fuck-buddy, as they’ve yet to actually… you know… fuck.
Definitely not a lover. Just. Not.
Not family, not Blutbad.

Someone who decimates Monroe’s beer-stock few times a week.
Someone whom make awkward dinners, more awkward conversations and even more
awkward jokes with, who makes everything just right with a smile or a frown, or an equally uncomfortable story in reply.
Someone whom fight alongside with, side by side, back to back, or bows to claws.
Someone to risk his life for, who risks his own in return.
Someone whose blood stained the Beetle’s carpet more than enough times.
Someone often covered in sweat or blood, silently letting Monroe to lick it all away.
Someone whom rut against to, a firm thigh pressed to his groin.
Someone to mark Monroe’s territory with his scent.
Someone who carries the scent of Danger and Home, who’s wrapped in Peace and Violence, the softest and earliest blankets of his life.
Someone who lets him run.
Someone who protects and endangers, someone to protect and tackle in the woods.
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I am thoroughly convinced that Juliette Silverton of Grimm is Cancer, and I think I can argue in favor of Nick Burkhardt being Taurus. I *am* on a skeptical side regarding... everything, including astrology, but until I see one of them celebrating their birthday in winter, I'm unconvincable otherwise. Headcanon, yay.

Love Match: Taurus and Cancer
Touchy and Feely
By Molly Hall, About.com http://astrology.about.com/od/tauruslovematches/qt/TaurusCancer.htm

Upside: Lovers of the cozy cave; both crave stability; loyal and long-term minded; builders of material comforts; wealth-oriented -- creating abundance; sensuality meets emotional potency; family-oriented.

Downside: Can get bogged down, stagnant. (earth water = mud); possessive of each other; messy boundaries; loss of objectivity.

Fixed Earth (Taurus) and Cardinal Water (Cancer)

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