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Fandom: Pushing Daisies XO Stargate: Atlantis
Categories: Gen, Crossover
Ratings/Warnings: PG, None
Spoilers: Apparently none.
Word Count: 400 words including the title

1) Reposted from FFNet: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6915926/1/Pie-is-Home
2) The recipes has been checked with the little recipe book I've got with my Pushing Daisies first season DVD-s.

Summary: Olive doesn't actually pay attention to *everybody* in the Pie Hole, but sometimes they get the strangest kind of "regulars", who can't appear unnoticeable. SGA - Pushing Dasies Crossover Flashfic

Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine and I don't own either of the shows.

Pie is Home

If Olive doesn't actually hear anything from the heated and heartfelt confessions flying in her general direction from the exact spot where Alfredo muses over his Triple Berry Pie, it's not really her fault. She had just worked long enough among pies to know: pie often makes people talk, and she had learned long ago to ignore most of the not pie-related information she gets.

For example, when the blue-eyed/bad-mannered doctor finally quits his complains about how much he's not a medical doctor at all, and tells about his citrus allergy, Olive switches his Three Plum Pie to a Triple Berry Pie (just before he reaches for it) but when he rambles forward (with his mouth full) she lets her thoughts return to Ned, the Pie-Maker and his strange, mysterious guest, Chuck.

That's why she doesn't hear the muffled (the blue-eyed/bad-mannered doctor still speaks with his mouth full) praises such as "Oh God… this could be the best pie on the planet" and "It's a pity you don't deliver to the place where I live" while the doctor almost inhales the slice from his plate.

And Olive also doesn't hear the continuing "I wish I can come here more often", and the following "I even like the colors here too, they're so… colorful", and not even the "I have a friend back at home who would most likely dress in all black if he had a chance. He's a bit "Men in Black" type of guy… without, very-very-very much *without* the alien-chasing", and not the "I wonder how he would look like in this place" and especially not the "I think they would like here… it's peaceful." Olive doesn't hear any of it.

That's why she'll be so surprised when almost a year later the blue-eyed/bad-mannered doctor will return: with a man in all black who will let his eyes shut with his first bite, a graceful redhead who will take so much delight in every piece of fruit, and a dreadlocked man about the size of Emerson Cod who won't exactly "eat", but "destroy" everything on his plate.

And even Olive (especially Olive) will realize that the black-dressed man look just good in the Pie Hole.

But she won't know that when the strange little team will return home, they will find out how to make delightful pies from asht'aq fruit, and gurm-berries, and werrell'd-root, and…


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