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Collected little things under the cut

This is the lyrics:

Manoya: Rebirth

Falling into pieces

I feel it never ends; we’ve got so many faces
We just can’t do without falling into pieces, oh pieces

The birds will never land, they go straight into heaven
Surely God be lost, and why they let this happen, oh happen

At once the bits and pieces form again anew
Time has feathery sounds which roll the colours under, oh haunt me they

The mind the cap what needs to fall that we’ll fall under
Ensure the cure is found and we’ll survive the thunder
So you find her

It never ends; I feel it never ends

We’ve got so many faces

(source: http://www.zeneszoveg.hu/dalszoveg/77730/manoya/rebirth-zeneszoveg.html ZeneSzöveg.hu)

This is the music:


And this is an explanation (almost):

I can't get the idea out of my head, that besides clocks, Monroe also repairs music boxes too. That tune in the song is a real music box (according to interviews it's the singer's property), and it plays a theme from Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake", which is based on Russian folk tales (at least according to WikiPedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swan_Lake), also dealing with human/animal switches. It also doesn't help that the lyrics mentions "faces", plural, and Monroe having a human, a Blutbad and a Wieder side, definitely qualifies. Oh, and the title... "Rebirth"? Monroe has done that too, restarted his life as a Wieder. So... I'm pretty sure I don't understand a single thought about the lyrics, but... it's damn right full with paralels I should think about.
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