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Constants and Variables (PG-13 because of some swearing; Drabble-Sequence, Gen, Humor; 5x100 words without the title (but including the titles); Team!Fic, Action/Adventure; "People often think that repeated events, circumstances and routine give comfort and security. They’re wrong." Team!Fic, Drabble-sequence, Cliché-Fest, John & Rodney Friendship, SG-1 reference.)

Constants and Variables

Shit happens

So... on G’Taal, John maybe wandered a bit too far from the village, and maybe he was a bit… unsure about the way back (it was hard to pay attention, when Rodney just wouldn’t shut the hell up about the Chieftain’s daughter), and maybe, *maybe* they trespassed just the tiniest bit on the Tallian’s blessed-clearing-whatever… But sure as hell they didn’t deserve that reeking cell with those “stubborn” locks, and sure as hell he didn’t deserve Rodney’s accusations.
He couldn’t have been happier when Ronon shot his way through the door while Teyla distra… negotiated with the elders.

And happens again

On Carramba (really), it was all Rodney’s fault. The Quelkis were kind enough to let them visit the “Hollow Village”, the ruins of an earlier, more advanced, not-ancient civilization in the caves under one of their villages, and of course, Rodney *had to* pester with the (completely foreign, therefore more alien than all the other alien!) technology… So they ended up locked in the pre-Quelki equivalent of a quarantine-chamber… with rapidly thinning air.
John was all too familiarly grateful when Ronon shot his way through the door, while Teyla kept the ventilation going following Rodney’s frantic instructions.

Guess what?

PX4-PlantsAndMosquitoes didn’t have a name, only plants, mosquitoes, and an Ancient outpost looked like a set from a post-apoc movie. Although it was surprisingly undamaged, they still succeeded to stumble across a malfunctioning door that separated them from Ronon. Of course, the control panels were on the other side, the door was soundproof and some metal in the ground blocked radio signals, but there wasn’t any imminent danger, so…
John decided to stay put and wait for Ronon to shoot his way through the door while Teyla distra… made polite conversations to Rodney.
And they waited… and waited.

And they waited, waited… and waited some more
Almost an hour later, John was ready to shoot his way through the door… or Rodney, who had enough of Teyla’s polite conversation, and returned to his accusations from two weeks before, his memory be damned. That was when the door slid open with a tired “whoosh”, and there stood Ronon on the other side with a knife, and a satisfied smirk.
That earned an amused eyebrow-lift from Teyla, and a pair of stunned expression from Rodney and John, but Ronon didn’t seem too bothered, just shrugged and grinned a bit more.

“He has a... remarkably "O’Neillesque" way regarding tech, doesn’t he?” – Rodney asked, and maybe, *maybe*, he was right, but after that goddamned hour, John couldn’t let such a thing happen, so he repeated Ronon’s earlier shrug-grin-combo, while pretended to *not* notice Rodney’s annoyance.
Next week, it was G’Taal all over again, at least concerning details like “reeking cell”, “rust-eaten locks” and “stubborn natives”, so John was oh-so grateful when Ronon shot his way through the door while Teyla… negotiated with the Council.
He just couldn’t fight the sinking feeling that he really did find a pattern in their life. 
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